By the world's standards, two small coins don't amount to much. But the widow in Luke's story didn't just give two small coins—she gave everything she had.

Everything we have is our Creator's.

In Faithful with Much, authors Tony and Carin Amaradio share their compelling journey from simply seeking wealth to understanding God's heart about money and possessions. Drawing from their vast experience in the financial services industry and wisdom born out of some difficult life lessons, Tony and Carin offer practical, biblical advice on how to think about the challenges of being faithful with our wealth. and, most important, how to give it away.

Throughout our Christian experience, most of us have been taught that giving should be done out of obedience. The Bible says it. We should do it. Occasionally, we move beyond that to leverage our resources for kingdom purposes in a way that taps into our passion and may even result in profound sense of joy. But rarely do we move to a level of genuine sacrifice in how we wisely divest ourselves of our wealth. This book is a call to move to such a level.

Faithful with Much is a book about how to be wise stewards of God's money. It's a handbook for charitable giving. And more than that, it's a book about radical trust.

Are you ready to trust God with your wealth for the good of His kingdom?

Faithful with Much the Book